Strange Car Noises

November 14th, 2018 by

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If your quiet commute has been ruined by strange car noises, then it’s time to pay close attention. Whether you notice a grinding sound when starting car or a loud squeak when you hit the brakes, car sounds can tell you a great deal about your vehicle’s health. Listen carefully when you hit the road, and take note of the type of sound and where it is coming from. This handy information can help your technician diagnose the issue much faster, so you can get back to the road in peace!

High-Pitched Frequencies

A high-pitched sound can cut through your travel playlist like a knife, but these squeaks and squeals can come from a variety of sources. When do you notice these strange car noises?

  • Before Engine Shuts Off: You might need to find a replacement part for your belt, since a damaged belt can cause a squealing sound.
  • After Engine Shuts Off: Radiator pressure caps or rubber gaskets may be damaged, causing a high-pitched noise.
  • During Braking: Your brake pads may be worn down too far, so consider dropping in for a replacement.

Low-Pitched Rumbles

Lower pitched noises may be harder to spot, so it’s important to listen carefully if you hear an odd clanging or grinding sound when starting car.

  • During Speed Bumps: Your suspension system or shock absorbers might need some work, or your tailpipe or muffler might need adjusting.
  • During Engine Idle: A ticking sound might indicate issues with your motor oil levels or valves. An oil change doesn’t take long, and we can look for problems while we make the switch.
  • After Engine Shuts Off: Is the engine still running even after you’ve turned off the ignition? This may be a sign of dieseling, which only occurs on vehicles with carburetors.

Take Control of Your Car’s Health with Biggers Mazda!

Now that you’ve learned more about the strange car noises that may affect your vehicle, it’s time to get your car back into fighting shape! Schedule your service with our talented technicians to diagnose and fix those pesky car sounds in a jiffy. Our dealership is proud to serve the Schaumburg, St Charles, and Geneva areas. Still have questions about your car? Feel free to contact us at Biggers Mazda for more in-depth advice.