How to Replace Windshield Wipers

April 13th, 2016 by

windshield wipersMost of us don’t think much about our windshield wipers – until we need them, that is.

Very often, drivers don’t realize it’s time to replace their vehicle’s windshield wipers until they’re suddenly caught in a storm and notice the moisture isn’t being adequately cleared from the windshield. This, of course, can quickly become dangerous as visibility is impaired by the collecting water.

Fortunately, the problem of worn-out windshield wipers is easily remedied, and drivers can do it themselves. To learn how to replace your windshield wipers, keep reading.

What You’ll Need

Before you commence the task of changing your car’s windshield wipers, you’ll need a few things:

  • Screwdriver
  • Tape measure
  • Needle-nose pliers

You’ll also need, of course, the proper wiper blades for your vehicle, which can be determined by measuring the length of the existing blades with your tape measure, consulting your vehicle’s manual, or simply asking the clerk at the auto parts store when you go in to buy new blades.

Making the Change

There are three basic types of windshield wiper-arm mounts.

To change a blade with a hook slot connector, which is the easiest type of wiper blade to replace, bring the wiper arm to a right angle and then locate the flap or tab that connects the wiper in the slot. You will then need to either unlatch it or push it in, releasing the blade so it can be pulled out. You can pull it with your pliers if it doesn’t come out easily. Insert the new windshield wiper and slide it along the slot until it snaps into place.

A similar process is used to replace a blade with a pin-type arm, except that a pin will be visible instead of a tab. Push on the pin from behind the blade or lift the pin out; you may need to employ your screwdriver here. Wiggle the wiper blade until it is completely released. Secure the new blade into the pins.

Replacing a wiper blade with a straight-end connector can be more complicated. If the blade is secured with a notch or a tab, all you have to do is release it with your screwdriver, then pull the blade out and slide in the new one, locking it in place.

If the blade is held in by screws, you’ll have to remove them before you can take out the old blade and install your new blade. Be careful as you’re removing and replacing the screws, as they are fragile.

That’s it – you’re all done! Easier than you thought, I bet, and now you can commence traveling with a clear windshield.

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