The Mazda Factory Museum

September 26th, 2016 by

Mazda has dedicated decades of automobile production to advanced engineering and performance innovations. Fans are welcome to observe these iconic changes at the Mazda Factory Museum, located only 30 minutes from downtown Hiroshima in Japan. In this museum, you can walk directly up to historical cars and enjoy their beauty in person. Take a trip to see 85 years of the Mazda lineup!

A Stunning Entrance

Enter the Mazda Factory Museum lobby, and you will see the latest models by Mazda. Every model is beautifully polished, and they are all showcased in the same shade of brilliant red. While auto enthusiasts are free to snap pictures of all the modern marvels, keep in mind that there is so much more to see.

Museum Features

The Museum itself celebrates 85 total years of Mazda’s accomplishments. Many are surprised to see that the first car is the Cosmo Sport instead of seeing the first car ever created. This model is displayed first because it features the Wankel rotary engine—this engine is fondly remembered for its horsepower, weight, and shifting ability.

You can find other amazing and memorable features throughout the museum like the R360 and the 787B. The 787B actually has its own section in the museum because it is the only car made by a Japanese manufacturer to win 24 Hours of Le Mans without the use of a piston engine.

Other Notable Features

The best part of this Museum is the interactive component. Visitors have the freedom to walk up to any car and touch it. It is also free to enter the museum. However, you do need to book an appointment for visits, so be sure to plan accordingly. While you are free to explore the spacious museum, keep in mind that you will be escorted by staff while navigating the floor.

Mazda Factory Museum

Mazda Factory Museum - rotary engine

Make Your Decision in Person

Although located in Japan, we think the Mazda Factory Museum is worth a journey to see 85 years of incredible history. Want to save yourself a trip? Come to Biggers Mazda today to see a lineup of the latest Mazda models. Experience a sporty drive when you get behind the wheel of a new model. Contact us online to book your test drive in a model.