Esurance Releases New Device to Block Cell Phone Use in Vehicles

April 19th, 2013 by

Man texting and drivingTexting and driving is one of the most serious safety issues on the road today. Texting while driving is more distracting than just talking on the phone because hands are off the wheel, the driver is looking down at a screen, and their thoughts are elsewhere. Car manufacturers like Mazda are doing their part to help stop this by providing safer connectivity. Many new 2013 Mazda vehicles feature an infotainment system that will allow drivers to safely read and send texts using their voice along. For drivers with older vehicles, a new device from Esurance may help to stop unsafe phone use.

Cellcontrol Triggers Block Smart Phone Use

Esurance has worked with a company called Cellcontrol to block cell phone activity, developing a free app for your smartphone. Next, a device called a “Trigger” from Cellcontrol—available for $89—must be installed in the car’s OBD port. Most vehicles from 1996 and newer are built with them, and it is very easy to install.

How It Works

With the device and app installed, the cell phone will be unable to access texts, receive calls, or go on the internet while the car is in motion. This way the teen is completely unable to text while drive. One thing never blocked: the ability to call an emergency number. No matter what, a teen can always easily dial 911.

There’s even a failsafe system if a teen decides they’d rather travel dangerously; if the system is disconnected, parents are informed immediately.

How Do I Get This?

Right now Esurance is the only one offering the app, and the device from Cellcontrol can also be ordered from them. Right now, the app is available for all Blackberry, Windows, and Android phone users. They are currently working on an app version for iPhones.

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