MyMazda Site Helps Mazda Car Buyers Experience Money Saving Offers

March 14th, 2013 by

2014-Mazda6Buying a vehicle in Indiana can be tough. So many dealers offer a variety of different vehicles and specials that it can be hard to sort through the good and bad ones. Biggers Mazda has always offered excellent prices and, to help reward our customers even further, we are informing them about the existence of the MyMazda website.

What is MyMazda?

MyMazda is a website for Mazda owners or potential buyers that offers premium access to the greatest deals on new and used Mazda vehicles. Basically, it gathers together a listing of deals, specials, demonstrations, updates, service plans, and much more in one spot so that it can make it easier to sort through all the conflicting and confusing information.

Great Deals

Subscribers to MyMazda will find great Mazda deal information popping up in their mailbox and on the MyMazda site. For example, they have run a promotion that gives buyers an exclusive $1,000 Owner Appreciation Card for buying a new 2014 Mazda6. This type of information would not have been apparent to a buyer if they didn’t subscribe to the MyMazda site.

Video Demonstrations

A variety of video demonstrations regularly pop up as well. These show various Mazda vehicles in action as well as safety tests and various other demonstrations. Many of these demonstrations are limited to the MyMazda site and can’t be found anywhere else.

Updated Map Information

Another excellent service that subscribers have access to is updated map information. This information is updated directly into the navigational system on all Mazdas, giving drivers the latest and greatest navigational information possible. Updates for GPS systems can often be difficult to find or costly.

Extended Confidence Service Plan

Have you ever heard of the Mazda Extended Confidence service plan? It helps keep your Mazda operating as proficiently as possible by offering excellent Mazda Geniune parts at hugely discounted prices. It also comes with 24/7 roadside assistance. This information may not be explained well to you when you buy a car but is explained in great detail at the MyMazda website.

Fill out the personal information on the MyMazda main website to get started today. We think you’ll like what you find there.