Mazda OEM Parts and Accessories

Mazda Parts and Accessories

When it comes to repairing your Mazda or up fitting your model with special accessories, be sure to stick with genuine Mazda OEM parts and accessories at Biggers Mazda. While aftermarket products may seem like a good deal, we offer competitive prices on all of our products, and you’ll be able to trust the Mazda quality for years to come.

Highlights: Mazda OEM Parts and Accessories

The entire lineup of Mazda OEM parts and accessories has been designed and built by Mazda’s team of engineers. Let’s take a look at just a few of the products we offer:

  • Mazda OEM Parts – When it comes to major repairs on your vehicle, you’ll want to have your vehicle repaired and fitted by your Mazda dealer with genuine OEM Mazda parts. Whether you’re having issues with your brakes, engine, transmission, suspension, or other parts, replacing your broken parts with OEM parts is the only way to guarantee quality. Mazda parts are perfectly engineered to work with your Mazda vehicle, so after the replacement your car will run like-new.
  • Mazda Body Parts – Whether you’ve been in an accident or simply want to fit your vehicle with a new spoiler or other exclusive Mazda body part, come to our dealership and browse our inventory of genuine Mazda body parts. Genuine Mazda body parts are built from the same manufacturer blueprints and equivalent dies, tools, and molds as they use in the factory where your vehicle was made.

What makes Mazda different?

Enjoy Exclusive Mazda Service

In addition to Mazda’s premium products, our team also promises to provide you with second-to-none service:

  • Mazda Full Circle Service – Whether you’re bringing your vehicle in for scheduled maintenance like an oil change or a major vehicle repair, our Mazda team will give your vehicle the complimentary Mazda Full Circle Service Inspection every time. Along with this complete vehicle inspection, we’ll hand you a full vehicle report card, outlining what needs work now and what may need work in the future.
  • Mazda Total Advantage Plan – Enjoy worry-free maintenance with the Mazda Total Advantage Plan. When you purchase this plan, you’ll have all of your Factory Recommended Scheduled Maintenance paid for. That’s a savings of up to 25%, and no hassle or worries about budgeting for maintenance over the long run.
  • MyMazda App – If you’re like most people, your maintenance schedule will get buried under paperwork to be quickly forgotten. The MyMazda App keeps track of your vehicle’s mileage and maintenance schedule and reminds you when you need to come in for regularly scheduled maintenance. In addition to reminders, the MyMazda App also saves you money with coupons and special service offers.
  • Car Finder – In addition to keeping track of your maintenance schedule and special offers, the MyMazda App comes with a GPS-powered car finder. So when you forget where you’re parked at the mall, for example, all you have to do is check your MyMazda App and it’ll take you to your destination.

The Promise of Quality

The Mazda promise is to keep our customers satisfied with seamless service and the best parts and accessories available. Stop by Biggers Mazda at 1320 East Chicago Street in Elgin for all your Mazda parts and service needs!