Mazda Driver’s Seat App for iPad

March 8th, 2013 by

2013-Mazda2Tablet computers like the iPad are rapidly replacing the traditional portable computer: the laptop. Netbooks briefly made a splash, but tablets are so thin, fun, and easy to transport that they’re here to stay. Mazda is on top of changing trends, which is why they’ve designed a new app exclusively for the iPad. It’s called Mazda Driver’s Seat and allows you to stay on top of the latest from Mazda.

Mazda App Features

Inspired by the same drive for innovative design and top-notch performance, the Driver’s Seat app has several useful features. Through the app, you can easily connect to Mazda Twitter feeds and their Facebook page to easily stay on top of the latest going on at the company. There are also links to automotive news, so you know the latest about your favorite Mazda vehicles.

There are also Mazda Youtube videos, and a pre-loaded iTunes playlist of songs from your favorite Mazda commercials. It’s easy to customize the look of the app with several different skins featuring hot pictures of the latest 2013 Mazda vehicles. It also features an alarm clock and compatibility with iCal sync.

Mazda Roadside Assistance

Here’s another app, which you can download to your iPhone or Android smart phone. Roadside assistance comes as part of your new car warranty, and this app can easily access it when needed. If you get stranded by the side of the road, the app will use the GPS in your phone to pinpoint your location and send a truck out to help you.

MyMazda App

Another great phone app, MyMazda is the perfect tool for all Mazda owners. Set to the mileage of your vehicle, it alerts you when you need to bring the car in for maintenance and keeps track of service history right on the phone. The app can help you schedule service appointments and even provides helpful coupons.

The smart phone app can also be used to find your car. I’ve used this a few times in crowded parking lots and it’s a lifesaver. Using the phone’s GPS, you mark the location of your car and can use the app to find it if you get turned around.