High Tech Ways to Avoid Heavy Traffic

April 11th, 2013 by

Vehicle side mirrorHeavy traffic is always an annoying problem, and only gets worse as the weather gets warmer and tourist seasons begin. Even places that were formerly dead of all traffic can become an unpredictable nightmare. Luckily, there are ways to avoid these complications. These high tech traffic avoidance methods should keep you driving relatively headache free.


In this age of smartphones, there seems to be an app for nearly everything. Waze is a free traffic app that gives you updates on traffic conditions. Waze works in a unique way, relying on information from Waze users on traffic conditions. It will give you turn-by-turn driving instructions and use the information provided by you and others to assess traffic situations and provide solutions. It even offers strategies on how to avoid congestion.

Inrix Traffic

Another similar app is Inrix Traffic. A basic version is available for free while a more updated app is available for $24.99. Inrix Traffic is unique because it actually has a forecast option that puts it ahead of similar traffic apps. Basically, you can pick a time within eight hours and it can give you a basic prediction on traffic situation. It bases this prediction on current conditions and past information. Sadly, it doesn’t give you turn-by-turn navigation.

TomTom Live Traffic Information

TomTom GPS devices are some of the best on the market, so it’s no surprise that they would have top-of-the-line traffic information. Their Go Live devices start at just under $200 and give you two-way data connections with other TomTom GPS drivers. This gives you the chance to share and receive anonymous traffic information that is up-to-the-minute and highly accurate. It can also give you updates on road construction, recent accidents, and past traffic history to give you one of the most accurate traffic predictors on the market.

Traffic prediction software and hardware continues to be updated and upgraded at a feverish pitch. You should never rely entirely upon traffic prediction software: any number of unseen and unknowable things could happen at any time. But they sure do help when you’re in a rush.