Conventional vs. Synthetic Motor Oil

March 19th, 2018 by

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When deciding between conventional vs. synthetic motor oil, you might be surprised by all the benefits of synthetic oil. Not only is it formulated to work better than conventional motor oil, but it may also be better for the environment.

Conventional Motor Oil

Petroleum-derived conventional motor oil used to be the standard for oil changes, but technology has changed quite a bit in the automotive industry. Conventional motor oil is often the cheaper option in the short term, but it doesn’t last as long or perform as well as synthetic alternatives.

Synthetic Motor Oil

Let’s say you’re willing to pay a little extra – why should you go with a synthetic option? There are tons of benefits of synthetic motor oil:

  • Synthetic motor oil lasts longer, so you use less motor oil over the lifespan of your vehicle.
  • Synthetics are formulated in a lab to be cleaner, more efficient, and more environmentally-friendly.
  • These formulas produce less engine resistance, which means a better performance on every drive.

Try Synthetic Motor Oil on Your Next Service

Now that you know the pros and cons of conventional vs. synthetic motor oil, why not schedule your service and see the difference for yourself? Visit Biggers Mazda in Elgin, just a short drive from Streamwood and Bartlett.

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