Why Do You Need to Change Your Car’s Oil?

January 30th, 2013 by

Smiling MechanicChanging the oil is just something car owners have to do. It used to be something you did every 3,000 miles and now cars usually need to have their oil changed around every 7,000. But why do you actually need to change your oil? Could it all just be a big scam created by car manufacturers? Let’s take a closer look at why your car needs oil.

Oil Keeps Your Car Lubricated

Here’s a scenario for you. You’re going to take a month long trip through the desert and you start off with one canteen of water. With the one canteen, you’ll make it for a few days, but not much longer without a refill. The same is true of your car. Your car functions by allowing a lot of metal parts to work together and without oil lubricating these parts, the friction would create too much heat and the parts would weld together.

What Happens If You Don’t Change the Oil?

Okay, so you decided you don’t want to change your oil. After all, the oil is only going to get dirty. Good thing you have the oil filter; however, the oil filter will eventually get too clogged and will stop filtering the sludgy, abrasive oil. Additives are put in the oil to combat the dirt and rust, but those wear out too and the oil is going to stop lubricating.

Eventually, the same process that would happen if your car had no oil would occur. No lubrication means the engine is going to unite together in a hot metallic blob and you’re going to have to shell out quite a bit to drive the car again. This process does take a little longer than just the normal oil change interval, so don’t be worried that your engine is going to melt down if an oil change slips your mind for a few weeks.

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