Mazda’s Skyactiv Technology

February 5th, 2013 by

Skyactiv-GThe vast majority of vehicles on today’s road use either gasoline or diesel engine. When considering this fact and the likelihood that most vehicles will continue to run on gas and diesel for the foreseeable future, Mazda decided that the traditional internal combustion engine could be more efficient. Mazda invented Skyactic Technology, which is a series of technologies that help to increase engine efficiency and output. Through a series of engineering adjustments to the engine, transmission and the body and chassis, Mazda has produced a vehicle that is not only more fuel efficient, but safer.

The Engine

Mazda knows that its customers want increased fuel efficiency but don’t necessarily want to sacrifice power to do it. The new SKYACTIV®-G 2.0L engine produces between ten and fifteen percent more low/mid-range torque while still consuming fifteen percent less fuel and producing fewer emission then the standard combustion engine.

The Transmission

Mazda engineers studied every modern transmission ever made and identified the best features in each of them to create the SKYACTIV®-Drive six speed automatic transmission. With the addition of an advanced control module, the transmission shifts smoothly for steady acceleration while still being responsive and reliable.

The Body and Chassis

Mazda vehicles are well known for their fun to drive nature. When designing the SKYACTIV® Body and Chassis, Mazda engineers wanted to provide the experience Mazda drivers expect while increasing safety and building a lighter overall vehicle. The result was 30% improved body rigidity, improved crash safety and a body that was 220 pounds lighter. The suspension was also redesigned to increase agility at low speeds and more stability and higher speeds.

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