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Could the Mazda RX-7 Be Making a Return in 2017?

Mazda-Rotary-EngineI’ve loved Mazda cars for most of my life and one particular Mazda always got my heart racing: the Mazda RX-7. Though production has since ceased, it had quite a long life; emerging out of the late ‘70s, this rotary engine-powered sports car offered speed in a lightweight package. Rumor has it that the Mazda RX-7 will be coming back for the 50th anniversary of the rotary engine, which will be in 2017.

Looking Back at the RX-7

While debuting in Japan in 1978, the Mazda RX-7 arrived over in the United States in 1980 in a limited edition of 2,500 “Leather Sport” models and then entered into regular production. It had power exterior mirrors, full leather upholstery, AM/FM stereo with six speakers, and air conditioning was also available.

What was most unique about the sports car was its engine capable of 100 hp at 6,000 rpm that could take it over 120 miles. The rotary engine was quite small and quiet, so drivers didn’t experience any of the vibrations that would have been noticeable in the high-powered muscle cars from the ‘60s and early ‘70s. Mazda equipped the RX-7 with a buzzer on its tachometer so that they wouldn’t go up to 7,000 rpm without knowing it.

Rumors of Return

After 2002, the RX-7 was discontinued in favor of the RX-8, but according to Mazda head honcho Nobuhiro Yamamoto, the RX-7 is poised to make its return. He said the vehicle may have a curb weight around 2,600 pounds and may use a naturally aspirated version of Mazda’s 16X rotary engine. The 16X engine has been around since 2007 and capable of 295 hp, but hasn’t made its way into any Mazda vehicles so far.

Fond Memories of the RX-7

I have a lot of great memories of owning an RX-7 in the 1980’s back when I was trying to dress like I was on Miami Vice and wore a lot of product in my hair. Every once in awhile, a Mazda RX-7 will pop up in our used car inventory and it makes me smile. I sincerely hope there will be at least some sort of RX-7 coming out again.

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