Cool Apps for the iPhone to Use With Your Mazda

February 25th, 2013 by

2012-Mazda-MX-5-MiataAt Biggers Mazda, your Elgin Mazda dealership, we are very much into vehicle connectivity. How cool is it that you can now connect your phone to your car and send emails right in your Mazda? It’s like we’re living in the future. If you have a smart phone like an Apple iPhone, there are also plenty of apps you can download that are cool and very helpful.

Mazda Assist

This free smart phone app is perfect if you ever run into problems out on the road. If your car breaks down, you run out of gas, or even lock yourself out, you can power up Mazda Assist, connecting you to roadside assistance for help. Your exact location will be sent to a tow truck and you can even keep tabs on how long it will take for the truck to get there.

iGas Up

Have you ever gassed up, then found a gas station a block down that’s 20 cents cheaper? This will never happen again thanks to iGas Up. This app costs $2.99, but you’ll make up for it your first time gassing up. Pulling data from the Oil Price Information Service, the app will find the ten closest gas stations to your present location and tells you which is cheapest.


While I certainly don’t condone speeding, there have been plenty times where I’ve been driving in an unfamiliar location going the speed limit at 45, only to have it drop down to 30 without warning. Trapster is like having a helpful driver flash their lights at you wherever you go. This user-built network alerts you to upcoming speed traps, camera-monitored intersections, and everything else worth worrying about to help you drive safer and avoid tickets.


This app can help find you a parking place. Parking in downtown Chicago can be a pain, but Parker can help. A San Francisco company called Streetline has installed parking sensors in many cities and Parker gets you access to them. Parker will let you find garages and even tell you the number of spots in a certain area. If you pay for metered parking, you can also keep track of how long you have left with this app.

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