Protecting Your Car’s Exterior in the Winter

October 12th, 2012 by
Winter Weather Conditions

Winter Weather Conditions

Our goal at Biggers Mazda is to continue providing service even after you purchase a new car near Carol Stream at our dealership. Winter weather is coming to the Chicagoland area and you need to be ready for it. Besides less than perfect driving conditions, one of the things you also need to do is protect your vehicle’s exterior. Rock salt and road grime can not only reduce the performance of your vehicle, but destroy your vehicle’s finish. We’ve prepared a few tips for protecting your exterior in the winter.

Dealing With Rock Salt

Rock salt is great for deicing roads, but it can also take the paint off your new 2013 Mazda. A paint sealant is going to be your best friend; you need only apply it once and it will last for the whole winter.

Even with a sealant on your car, you will still need to get it washed. Doing so outside isn’t really an option during Midwestern winters, but there are waterless car washes available for quick fixes and stop-gaps until you can really work out the built-up grime come spring.

De-Icing the Car

Hopefully you’ve invested in high-quality scraper made for heavy ice that’s not going to scrape the car itself. There are actually sprays you can buy to help in the de-icing process as well as anti-frost washer fluid to put on afterwards to prevent it getting iced up again. If you have to park your car outside frequently during winter months, then you may want to consider buying a tarp for protection. A lightweight tarp will be fine if you are on-the-go quite a bit, but a heavyweight tarp is going to be a great investment if your car is going to be stationary most of the time.

Prepare For Winter at the Biggers Mazda Service Department

Get ready for the winter this year by coming to the Biggers Mazda service department for a checkup. Make sure your car is in working order so you don’t have any performance issues when the snow gets crazy. Let us know if you have any questions about winter car care!

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