Handy Tire-Changing Tips From Your Friends At Biggers Mazda

October 19th, 2012 by

Auto-MechanicAs one of the leading Mazda dealers in Illinois, Biggers Mazda is proud to offer our customers an impressive range of automotive service. Our inventory of new and used Mazda vehicles offers something for everyone and our service department will make short work of any of your maintenance and repair needs. We aim to keep our customers well informed so we’re here with some helpful tips that can help you out the next time you have to change a tire.

Preparation and Action

Our helpful service department advises that there are basically two areas that you need to be concerned with when it comes to flat tires, preparation and action. Being prepared means making sure your spare tire is properly inflated and having a jack and a tire iron in your car.

If you should find yourself with a flat tire, swapping it out for the spare might be easier than you think, provided you have prepared properly. Make sure the vehicle is secure then place the jack in the proper place. If you are unsure, consult your owner’s manual. Use the jack to lift the weight off the tire then use the tire iron to remove the lug nuts.

Once you’ve removed all the lug nuts, be sure to keep track of them and remove the flat tire from the car and place it out of the way. Put the spare on in its place and screw the lug nuts back on, getting them as tight as you can with your hands before using the tire iron. Once all the lug nuts are tightened, you can lower the jack, throw the flat in the trunk, remove the chocks, and be on your way.

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If you’d like more helpful car care tips our friendly staff here at Biggers Mazda would like to invite you to come by our dealership. We know you’ll appreciate our dedication to customer satisfaction and you’ll be hard pressed to beat our selection and prices. Come see all that we have to offer you here at Biggers Mazda; we hope to see you soon.



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