Preserve Your Vehicle’s Paint Job

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Tips to Preserve Your Car’s Paint Job

Washing-a-carThere’s nothing more satisfying than the beautiful gleam of a shiny, new vehicle on the day you drive it off the dealership lot. The exterior is so flawlessly brilliant, that for the first few weeks or months that you own it, you treat it with kid gloves by avoiding parking too close to other vehicle, and maybe wash it whenever there’s even a modicum of dirt on it. Yet, as time goes on, you get a little lax, and the next thing you know your vehicle’s paint job is in need of some help. Maybe it looks dull, or even has chips and flaws that can lead to major paint-job touchups and complete redos. Here are some tips from Biggers Mazda on helping preserve your vehicle’s paint job so you can enjoy that new-car gleam for years to come.

Things to Avoid:

  1. Sun- Leaving your vehicle exposed to UV rays for too long will dull the paint and weaken the pores, allowing more dirt to be absorbed, resulting in a dull finish.
  2. Salt- That includes both from the winter roads and the sweet ocean breeze. Salt is a corrosive substance, and prolonged exposure will start to eat away at your vehicle’s paint job, resulting in rusting and peeling.
  3. Trees- This one is tricky, because you may be thinking, “Hey, I’ll park under that tree to keep my vehicle out of the sun.” However, you may then be exposing your vehicle’s paint job to the sap that will leak from the tree onto your car and start eating away at your paint and leave stains. Plus, birds also live in trees, and not only are bird droppings a huge, disgusting eyesore on your vehicle, but their droppings are also highly acidic and corrosive to vehicle paint.
  4. Accidents- A vehicle’s paint job is only as strong as its weakest link. Once you have vehicle damage such as dents or chips, the paint is only going to keep chipping away more from the point of impact. Have them repaired immediately to avoid larger paint touch-ups.

Prevent Damage:

  1. Park in Covered Areas- The less exposure your vehicle has to the elements, the longer your paint job will remain in top condition.
  2. Wash Off Harmful Substances- If your vehicle is covered in dirt, salt, sap, or splattered bugs, letting it sit for a long time only gives the offending substances more time to cause damage. Have your vehicle washed as soon as possible.
  3. Maintain Your Clearcoat- Your vehicle’s clear coat is the first line of defense for your paint job. If you notice it start to peel off or your vehicle is very old, then it’s time to have a new clearcoat put on.
  4. Wax- A vehicle’s clearcoat is not the ultimate defense against paint damage. Wax is a thicker substance that creates a barrier against harmful elements and gives your vehicle some extra shine.

Remember, the longer you wait to repair any peeling or rusting your notice in your paint job, the more extensive and more costly the paint job will be. Don’t let a minor touchup turn into a full body paint job. Ask the service and collision experts at Biggers Mazda if you’re not sure your vehicle paint job needs a touch-up or a new clear coat, and we’ll make sure your vehicle looks like you just drove it off the dealership lot for years to come!

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