Drive Stress-Free for Miles With Mazda Extended Confidence

2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata

Unexpected car repairs always happen right about the time your warranty has just expired, right? With Mazda Extended Confidence, you won’t feel like you’re living on the edge. These extended warranty plans offer you security and a way to cope when things go wrong. Mazda’s options are easy to understand, accepted throughout the United States, and include Mazda Genuine Parts. Once you’re covered, you don’t have to worry anymore.

Two Plans to Choose From

Mazda Extended Confidence plans are designed to make you feel secure about your vehicle and financial responsibility if it breaks down. Choose from:

  • Total Confidence– This plan provides the highest level of protection for your vehicle. It covers most of the same components and parts that are part of Mazda’s New Vehicle Limited Warranty. With Total Confidence, you can be assured of maximum coverage if you experience a mechanical breakdown or part failure.
  • Powertrain Confidence– This plan focuses on your vehicle’s most vital components. It extends the coverage for the same components included within Mazda’s Limited Powertrain Warranty, including the engine and transmission. With Powertrain Confidence, your most expensive and important parts are covered.

Your Benefits

Mazda Extended Confidence includes features that save you a lot of money and take the headaches out of getting your car serviced:

  • You’ll feel secure in your repair because Extended Confidence is the exclusive vehicle service contract with the Mazda brand, and it utilizes Genuine Mazda Parts when available, as opposed to private-labels.
  • With no or low deductibles, unforeseen car repairs won’t destroy your budget or savings account.
  • You’ll feel safe on the road with 24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance.
  • It’s easy to find a service center since you can use Mazda Extended Confidence at all nationwide Mazda dealerships.
  • Your repair will be done right by Mazda factory-trained expert technicians. And, all Mazda dealers offer advanced diagnostics especially for Mazda vehicles, so you can be sure of the diagnosis and repair plan.
  • You’re not stuck with the service contract if you sell your car because the plan is fully transferable.

Other Protection Plans and Services

You can also protect other aspects of your vehicle:

  • Gap Protection– If your vehicle is stolen or totaled, then insurance companies typically reimburse the actual cash value, leaving you on the hook for the difference. This plan covers the “gap” between your vehicle’s actual cash value and the amount you still owe on your loan or lease.
  • Vehicle Theft Protection– This plan provides engraving of a unique identification code onto all your car’s windows, enabling police to trace it and deterring thieves. It also provides thousands of dollars of coverage if your car is deemed a total loss or not recovered, as well as a replacement vehicle allowance.
  • Tire and Wheel Protection– These are some of the most common repair issues. This plan has no deductible or limits for replacement costs, and you’ll have peace of mind with emergency roadside assistance. Flat tire coverage, tire replacement, and wheel and rim protection, are also included.
  • Appearance Package Protection– This plan will keep the inside and outside of your vehicle pristine. Between paintless dent repair, interior fabric mending, and coverage to replace the expensive key fob, this package will make a huge difference in your car’s appearance.

Stay Confident

Plan for the future and take the stress out of unexpected car repairs with Mazda Extended Confidence. Protect your budget and your vehicle by signing up today. Contact Biggers Mazda for more information about Extended Confidence.